Color Fastness Tester (Xenon Chamber - Water Cooled)

Xenon arc light source and water spray reproduce weathering effects that occur when test materials are exposed to sunlight (either direct or through window glass) and moisture as rain or dew in actual use.

Product Model: YG3000W


Color Fastness Tester uses xenon arc light source and water spray to reproduce the weathering effects that occur when test materials are exposed to sunlight (direct or through window glass) and moisture as rain or dew in actual use.


Test Method:

Expose test specimens to specifiedd cycles of light and moisture under controlled environmental conditions in Color Fastness Tester. Usually moisture is produced by spray the test specimen with purified water or by condensation of water vapor onto test specimen.

Color Fastness Tester adopts different types of xenon arc light sources and different filter combinations.


The exposure conditions may be varied by selection of:

1, Lamp filter(s),

2, The lamp’s irradiance level,

3, The type od moisture exposure,

4, The timing of the light  and moisture exposure,

5, The temperature of light exposure,

6, The temperature of moisture exposure,

7, The timing of a light / dark cycle.


Test Standard:

Artificial wood: AATCC TM16, ASTM G26, ASTM D2565, ASTM D4459, ASTM D6695, ASTM G155, SAE J1885, SAE J2412, SAE J2212, SAE J1960, SAE J2527, AATCC 169


Automotive interior: ISO 105, SAE J1885KJ, ISO 11341, ISO 4892, ISO 3917, ISO 4892-2


Leather: PV 1303, PV 3929, PV 3930, DVM 0067-MA, HES 66601, NES M0135, TSL 0601G, GMW 3414, EDS-7415, DD47 1431



Model No.



Chamber temperature

30~93℃, resolution 0.1℃

20~93℃, resolution 0.1℃

Exposure humidity

10~85%RH, resolution 0.1%RH

10~85%RH, resolution 0.1%RH

Dark humidity

30~100%RH, resolution 0.1%RH

30~100%RH, resolution 0.1%RH


35~125℃, resolution 0.1℃

35~125℃, resolution 0.1℃

BPT (optional)

35~120℃, resolution 0.1℃

35~120℃, resolution 0.1℃

Irradiance range


accuracy ±0.02W/m2@420nm


accuracy ±0.02W/m2@420nm

Wavelength range

340nm, 420nm, 300~400nm, 200~800nm optional

Xenon lamp power



Turntable rotation



Turntable diameter



Sample fixture

20pcs, exposure area 2,660cm2

35pcs, exposure area 4,700cm2


PLC, digital and diagram display, exposure and water spray period ≤1,000h

Power source

3 Phase, AC380V, 50Hz, 10KW

Machine size





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