Temperature Humidity Test

Temperature Humidity Chamber also called Climatic Chamber, can simulate various temperature and humidity environment for high low temperature operation & storage, temperature cycling, damp heat, low temperature & humidity, etc to test specimens performance and reliability on biological items, industrial products, electronic devices and components.

Environmental Test Chamber can meet wide range from high temp. up to +150℃(+180℃, +200℃) to low temp. down to -40℃(-60℃, -80℃). Humidity range can be 20%~98% (5%~98%, 10%~98% for option). Rapid-rate Thermal Cycle Chamber can simulate environmental conditions in extreme cold and hot temperature combined with humidity to inspect product quality.

Temperature ramp rate is 1, 3, 5,10, 15, 20, 25℃/min for option. Labtech provides Environmental Chamber with standard and customized size to meet different customer requirements.