Petroleum Test Equipment

What petroleum tests will be focused on by excellent petroleum testing labs or petroleum products manufacturers?

In petroleum industry, there are common test and special test in different petroleum products.
Common test mainly includes viscosity test, water content test, flash Point test (open-cup test and closed-cup test), distillation Test, pour point test, saturated vapor pressure Test, etc.
Special test includes micro carbon residue test, foaming characteristics test, friction and wear test, evaporation loss test for lubricating oil; wide temperature range drop point test, roll stability test, shear test for lubricating grease; copper strip corrosion test, residues test, LPG method saturated vapor pressure test for LPG test, etc

What testing instruments as per test standard used in petroleum industry?

A comprehensive line of petroleum laboratory testing instruments, as well as accessories conforming to the latest ASTM, ISO and related international standards used to measure the physical characteristics that determine product quality and consistency.
Petroleum testing instruments include distillation instrument, open cup or closed cup flash point testers, water content analyzers, vapor pressure tester, oxidation stability tester, colorimeter, density meters, and viscosity meters to test petroleum products of crude oil, fuel, lubricating oil, lubricating grease, antirust oil, LPG, heat treatment oil, coolant, benzenes.