Total Sediment Tester-Hot Filtration

Determination of total sediment in residual fuel oils by hot filtration at 100 °C as per test standard ISO 10307-1.

Product Model: R-SY-0701
Design Standard: ISO 10307-1


Determination of total sediment in residual fuel oils by  hot filtration at 100 °C.


Test Standard:

ISO 10307-1



Power supply

1-ph, AC220V±10%, 50Hz

Hot air Generator

Providing air with temperature of 100℃

Temperature display

PID controller

Air generator power


Instrument whole power


Time range


Vacuum gauge range


Work unit

2 units

Accessories list

Filtration cells: 2pcs

Built-in Hot Air Generator: 1set

Glass flask 500ml: 1pc

Vacuum pump: 1set

Rubber tubes: 6pcs

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