UV Weathering Test Chamber ISO 4892-1

UV Weathering Test Chamber exposes test sample to fluorescent UV lamps combined specified environmental conditions of dew and rain with condensing humidity and/or water spray to cause the damage in samples.

UV Aging Test Chamber can simulate the climatic conditions to reproduce the damage in short time within days or weeks, not months or years outdoors take.

The chameber is widely applied to test resistance to ultraviolet light aging for non-metallic material and organic materials such as  plastic, rubber, electronics, painting and related products.

Product Model: RK-UVA
Design Standard: ISO 4892-1, ISO 4892-3, ASTM G151, ASTM G154


UV Weathering Test Chamber exposes test sample to fluorescent UV lamps combined specified environmental conditions of dew and rain with condensing humidity and/or water spray to cause the damage in samples.


UV Aging Test Chamber can simulate the climatic conditions to reproduce the damage in short time within days or weeks, not months or years outdoors takes.


The chamber is widely applied to test resistance to ultraviolet light aging for non-metallic material and organic materials such as  plastic, rubber, electronics, painting and related products.



01 Model


1.1 Internal chamber size (W*D*H)

1140 * 400 * 390mm

1.2 External chamber size (W*D*H)

1300 * 500 * 1360mm

02 Performance

2.1 Temperature range

Ambient + 10 °C to +70 °C

2.2 Relative humidity


2.3 Temperature uniformity


2.4 Temperature fluctuation


2.5 Irradiance

Within 1.3W/m2 adjustable @ wavelength 340nm

2.6 Test condition

Test cycle of illumination, condensation and water spray, adjustable

2.7 UV Lamp

USA imported Q-Lab brand lamp;

Length 1200mm, 40W, 8pcs, lifetime > 1600hrs

2.8 Wavelength range

UV-A (UVA-340), wavelength: 315~400nm

UV-B (UVB-313), wavelength: 280~315nm

2.9 Irradiation area


2.10 Black panel temperature range


2.11 Controller

PLC touch screen controller, English display

2.12 Temperature control method

PID self-tuning SSR control

2.13 Timer

0~999h, adjustable

2.14 Heating system

-Independent system for temperature control and lighting
-PT100 temperature sensor

2.15 Heater

U-shaped titanium alloy high-speed heating electric heating tube

2.16 Safety function

-- Grounding protection
-Breaker for power overload & short circuit
-Fuse for control circuit overloaded & short-circuited
-Water shortage protection
-Over-temperature protection

03 Structure

3.1 Chamber material

Stainless steel # 304, thickness 1.2mm

3.2 Sample rack

Stainless steel / aluminum frame type

3.3 Lamp

Two rows UV lamp, 4pcs on each side

3.4 Distance between lamps


3.5 Distance between specimen and lamp


3.6 Specimen size

75*290mm, 24pcs, can be customized

3.7 Water reservoir

Depth 25mm, distilled water 8 liters/day

3.8 Chamber caster

PU casters for moving and fixing


Available Lamps:


UVA-340 Lamps

Best simulation of sunlight is given by UVA-340 lamps from UV Aging Tester with wavelength range from 365 nm to 295 nm.

UVA-351 Lamps 
UVA-351 lamps can simulate the UV portion of sunlight filtered behind window glass.  It is commonly used in internal applications to test some inks and for polymer damage occurred in an situation near a window. 

UVB-313 Lamps  
UVB-313 lamps are most useful for department of QC and R&D to discover most durable materials. It can accelerate utilizing short-wave UV at maximum degree that is more strict than common UV in the surface of earth. Finally, these lamps may case unrealistically serious effects on some materials. 


Features and Advantge of Labtech UV Weathering Aging Tester:


1) Easy to Operate

Color touch screen controller with simple user interface for easy operation. The test can be completed automatically after setting all required parameters in the controller. 


2) Temperature Control and Water Spray System

UV exposure with controlled temperature combined dew and rain with condensing humidity and/or water spray can accelerated test results and make sure test data accuracy. Temperature, water spray and condensation can be perfomed independently.



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