Washing Color Fastness Tester - 24 cups

Evaluate the colorfastness to laundering of textile fabrics which may need to withstand frequent launderings.

Product Model: SW-24H
Design Standard: ISO 105-C06, ISO 105-C10, AATCC 61, JIS L0860, JIS L0844


Washing Color Fastness Tester evaluates the colorfastness to laundering of textile fabeics which may need to withstand frequent laundering.



Specimens are tested under controlled conditions of temperature, detergent solution, bleaching and abrasive action; the color change is similar to that occurs by hand washing and home launderings.


Test Stanadrd:

ISO 105-C06, ISO 105-C10, AATCC 61, JIS L0860, JIS L0844




Speed of rotation

40±2 r/min

Stainless steel container

φ(75±5) mm, height (125±10) mm

Capacity: (550±50) ml

The timing range

1 – 999min

Temperature range

Room temperature to 99°C

Fluctuation of the temperature

< ±1°C

Number of container

20pcs (GB), 10pcs ( America standard)

Heating mode

Electric heating tube


3Ph, AC380±10%, 50Hz, 5KW

External size

(W*D*H) 1150 x 600 x 1000mm





1. The material of external & inner are stainless steel which is durable.

2. Touch screen control with Chinese & English menu. Man-machine dialogue mode and easy to operate.

3. The transmission structure adopts aluminum reduction motor and synchronous belt wheel, no noise and accurate and stable speed, bearing installed outside the instrument, will not be damaged due to long-term immersion in water due to scaling, durable.

4. Built-in 5 sets of ISO standard programs, 5 sets of AATCC standard programs, and 3 sets of experimental programs can be freely edited to meet the needs of more tests.

5. Temperature and time curve, real-time display of the experimental process, can better observe whether the temperature change meets the standard requirements.

 6. Temperature control using PID algorithm with small fluctuation, to prevent overshoot temperature effectively.

7. The instrument comes with temperature calibration procedures, convenient follow-up self-calibration..

8. The instrument has automatic monitoring of water level sensor, to prevent dry burning caused by no water state.

9. The instrument built-in 8 sets of common test standards, and 4 sets of self-editing test standards, can be customized according to user requirements.

10. The instrument can be separated or installed ISO, American standard test cup together.

11. The instrument has automatic water, automatic drainage functions.

12. 12 station monitoring, can set and query the irradiation energy freely.

13. Instrument includes double test groove, can work independently without mutual influence.

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