Xenon Test Chamber

Xenon Test Chamber exposing specimens to xenon-arc light in the presence of moisture to reproduce the weathering effects (temperature, humidity and/or wetting) that occur when materials are exposed in actual end-use environments to daylight or to daylight filtered through window glass. It is a full-featured weathering, lightness and photo-stability chamber, and provides precise control of critical test parameters including spectrum, irradiance, relative humidity, chamber temperature and black panel / black standard temperature, water spray is also an available option.

Product Model: R-XD-866A
Design Standard: ISO 4892-1, ISO4892-2


Xenon Test Chamber uses Xenon lamps as artificial light source, and can modify the full spectrum sun light. Controlling the temperature, humidity .Its inner temperature and humidity can be properly controlled to obtain the periodic precipitation on the sample for fully evaluating the damaged factor caused by sunlight, moisture and temperature (materials aging phenomenon includes fading, intensity reduction, cracking, flaking, chalking, and oxidation).

Xenon Lamp light source can emulate the effect of sunshine, while water spray system can emulate the effects of rain and dew. During the test, radiation energy and temperature are controllable. A typical test cycle generally carries out under strong irradiation of Xenon light and periodic precipitation. These tests generally applied in the fields of paint and coatings, automotive industry, plastic, wood, glue, etc…

Test Standard:

ISO 4892-1, ISO 4892-1


Light source

1.8kW imported xenon lamp, air-cooled

Life time: 1,500hours

Irradiance control mode


Irradiance setting range

30~100W/m2 (300~400nm)


daylight filter

Black panel temperature range

Ambient+30℃~90℃ (depends on set irradiance value)

Chamber wall

External material: Cold-rolled steel plate with powder coating

Internal material: stainless steel #304

Chamber size

W1000 * D650 * H1020mm

Power source

1-phase, AC220V, 50Hz, 2.5kW, 12A


Approx. 135kg

Safety protection function

Black-panel over temperature protection, irradiance error protection, open door shut down protection, low wind pressure protection



1. Xenon light source complies with international standards to ensure reproducibility and comparability of testing results.

2. Special catoptric system ensures the homogeneous distribution of irradiance.

3. Optional light-filters can meet the requirements of different standards.

4. With Spray function, spraying time and spraying interval time can be set freely.

5. Real-time data can be collected and recorded. USB port allows users to output test data into USB drive.

6. Irradiance energy can be accurately controlled. The control system of Xenon Test Chamber can automatically compensate the change of light intensity caused by ageing or other factors. The controllable range is very wide.

7. With high precision PT 100 temperature sensor, the temperature of the chamber, namely the Blackboard temperature is auto-controlled during the whole process (RT+20 ~ 90℃).

8. The test procedures can be programmed freely; and up to 6 predetermined procedures can be saved in one time. Every procedure includes up to 10 segments setting data.

9. Touch screen and user-friendly operation interface allow handlers set the test parameters and monitor all the test process easily.

10. Users can easily calibrate and adjust the irradiance or the blackboard temperature by themselves.

11. Alarm function for protection: Over temperature, over heating load.

12. Easy to install (proper ventilation required). It is easy to use and practically maintenance-free.

13. Specimen mounting and evaluation is fast and easy with unique slide-out specimen tray.

14. A product exposed outdoors to direct sunlight experiences maximum light intensity for only a few hours each day. Xenon Test Chamber can subject test specimens to the equivalent of noon summer sunlight for 24 hours a day, every day. Consequently, specimen degradation can be highly accelerated.

15. With imported xenon lamps from USA which has high irradiance and long lifetime.

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