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Walk-in Environmental Chamber

Walk-in Environmental Chamber is designed for environmental simulation to test perfomance and reliability of communications, electronics, automotive, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and other related products.

Walk-in Test Chamber for mobile, LCD monitor, Notebook is one of our top specialty. A major computer manufacturer requires a Walk-in Aging Chamber to test several racks of servers at the same time.

Product Model: R-WTH Series
Design Standard: IEC60068-2, ISO16750, JESD22


Walk-in Environmental Chamber is designed for environmental simulation to test perfomance and reliability of communications, electronics, automotive,  pharmaceuticals, aerospace and other related products. It has panelized construction and solid construction which depends on the inner dimension and request for relative humidity.


Drive-in Test Chamber for mobile, LCD monitor & Notebook is one of our top specialty.  A major computer manufacturer requires a Walk-in Aging Chamber to test several racks of servers at the same time. A full load of servers can generate over 10 kilowatts of heat, which can cause problems with uniformity, so LABTECH recommended a ceiling air plenum for Drive-in Test Chamber to distribute the air. 


The panels used in our Walk-in chamber are 100mm to 120mm thick urethane-foam sandwiched between a stainless-steel interior wall and a coated-steel exterior. An assembled box is self-supporting, so that no heavy structural members are required different door size, access ports, and other modifications are possible.


Test Standard:

IEC60068-2-78, IEC60068-2-30, IEC60068-2-38, IEC60068-2-66

ISO16750, JESD22

GB/T2423.3, GB/T2423.4, GB/T2423.34, GB/T2423.40, GB/T 14710:2009, GB/T 13543



1. Product Name

Walk-in Environmental Chamber

1.1 Model

R-WTH series

1.2 Internal volume

2.0*1.5*2.0m, 3.0*1.8*2.0m, Can be customized with any size

2. Performance

2.1 Environmental condition

Temperature: +25℃, Relative humidity≤85%, without test specimen

2.2 Temperature range

-70°C to +200 °C as per customized requirements

2.3 Temperature fluctuation


2.4 Temperature uniformity


2.5 Humidity range

20%-98% RH (5% and 10% for optional)

2.6 Humidity fluctuation


2.7 Humidity uniformity


3. Structure



3.1 Frame material



Chamber external material: steel plate with electrostatic spraying surface treatment

Chamber internal material: SUS304

Chamber insulation material: high density rigid polyurethane foam + fiberglass

Door insulation material: high density rigid Polyurethane foam

3.2 Air conditioning channel

Centrifugal fans

Heater, humidifier, dehumidifier, evaporator, water supply and drainage hole, temperature sensor


3.3 Standard configuration


Two observing windows

Special door lock

Door hinge: SUS #304

Lamp on the top of chamber:2 pcs lamps

3.4 Door

Double door

Observing windows , lamp

Door and window frame with anti-condensation electric heating device

3.5 Control panel

Controller, over temperature protection setting device

3.6 Machine room

Refrigerating unit, water pan, drain hole

3.7 Power distribution

Power distribution board, exhaust fan

3.8 Heater

Heating system: fin- type stainless steel heater

3.9 Humidifier

Shallow trough boiler type humidification system

3.10 Dehumidifier

Special humidification system for low humidity requirement

3.11 Power wires hole

and water drain hole

In the bottom of chamber

4. Refrigerating system

4.1 Cooling way

Air cool or water cool

4.2 Compressor

Germany brand Bock

4.3 Evaporator

Fin-type multi-stage automatic load capacity adjustment

4.4 Condenser

Fin type air cool condenser

4.5 Expansion system

Capacity-controlled refrigeration system (capillaries)

4.6 Plate heat exchanger

Stainless steel brazing plate heat exchanger.

4.7 Refrigerator control way

Automatic adjust operation condition as per test condition

Evaporation pressure regulating valve

Compressor return air cooling loop

4.8 Refrigerant


5. Electrical control system

5.1 Control system

PLC touch screen controller

5.2 Controller specifications

Accuracy: temperature ±0.1℃ + 1digit, humidity ±1 %RH + 1digit;

Resolution: temperature 0.1℃, humidity ±0.1 %RH;

With upper and lower limits of standby and alarm functions;

Temperature humidity input signal wet and dry bulb PT100 x 2;

9 groups P.I.D control parameter setting, P.I.D auto calculation;

Wet and dry bulb automatic correction;

5.3 Display functions

Color touch screen

Temp. SV and PV display directly

Display current segment number and left time and cycle times

Running total time

Temp. set value and curve display, real-time curve display

With separate program editing screen; each page can input at least 5 segments temperature and time

English interface; fault reminder display

Screen with backlight adjustment; timing screen display protection function, TIMER or manual shutdown setting

5.4 Program segment capacity and control functions

Program: Max. 120 pattern

Capacity: 12000 segments

Repeat command execution: each one can reach 3200times

Functions has editable, delete, insert etc

Time setting for segment: 0~99Hour59Min

Programmable sequence control module unit x2 groups

Power off program memory, automatically start and continue to execute the program function after the resumption of power

RS-232 / USB connecting

Real-time curve display

Automatic adjustment for freezing function; reserved start and shutdown function

Date, time editable, buttons and screen lock function

6. Safety protection device

6.1 Refrigerating system

Compressor overvoltage, overheat and overload protection;

Cooling fan overheat protection

6.2 Chamber

Over temperature protection;

Air conditioning channel extreme over temperature protection;

Fan and motor over heat protection

6.3 Other

Main power phase sequence and phase-break protection;

Earth leakage protection;

Heat, wet, dry, burn protection;

Overload and short circuit protection;

Power-off protection

7. Other configuration

7.1 Specimen power supply control terminal

Relay contact control, AC220V, ≤2A (When in normal operation, the contact closes; when the chamber stops or fails, the contact is off-contact)

7.2 Main power electric leakage breaker

AC380V, 50Hz, power will be changed as per required change rate

7.3 Power wires

Five-core (three-phase four-wire + protective ground wire)

One cable with length 3m

7.4 Test hole

Hole diameter can be φ50mm, φ80mm, φ100mm, φ120mm for optional

7.5 USB port

Test curves and test data can be downloaded and saved by excel and JPG

8. Shipment: chamber as a whole one for shipment or split-type   

9. Environmental conditions


 9.1 Installation place

-Room with smooth ground and good ventilation, no heavy vibration around the equipment

-No strong electromagnetic field around

-No inflammable, explosive, corrosive articles and dust

-With enough space for operation and maintenance (as image below)

A, >80cm       B, > 80cm         C, >120cm



 9.2 Environmental conditions

-Environment temperature: 5 ~ 30 ℃, relative humidity≤85% RH;

-The installation site must be flat and vibration-free;

-The installation site shall not be directly exposed to sunlight and shall maintain indoor air circulation;

-The equipment installation site shall be cleaned and shall not be installed in dusty places or dust outlets



9.3 Power supply

-AC380 V, three-phase four-wire + protective ground wire 

-Power: change as per required change rate

-Voltage: AC(380±10%)V; frequency: (50±0.5)Hz

-Protective ground wire resistance< 4Ω

User needs to provide required independent air switch for this chamber.


Features and advantage for Labtech Walk-in Chamber:

1. Structure with whole piece and splitted piece is for choosing.

2. Solid structure with steel plate, unique ventilating system and thermal insulation structure to ensure test data accuracy.

3. Customized sample holder provided as per customer requirements.

4. Ramp for tested sample easy drive-in.

5. Double door with door observation windows for sample monitoring.


Modular Air Plenums

Walk-in Chamber Manufacturers:


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